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Acoustic design

For existing or new spaces, we can design rooms, layouts and acoustic treatments to meet your needs, circumvent or fix problems and have your spaces performing to the highest standards.


Acoustic treatment manufacture & sales

We manufacture a range of acoustic treatments, in our Melbourne workshop, that can be used in many different scenarios to fix acoustic issues and to create great sounding spaces for performance, communication, sound engineering and listening pleasure. In addition to our standard range we can manufacture custom treatments to your specification. 

Custom studio furniture

Racks, mastering consoles, tables, desks, shelves, work benches etc. We can make all sorts of custom furniture for studios. 

Sound proofing

Stopping sound from entering or exiting a room, studio, venue, house or other structure requires a very thorough approach, specialist knowledge, a range of different building materials and construction techniques, all of which we can consult on, design and build.

Recording studio design & construction 

We design and build recording studios big and small from small home setups to large commercial facilities. We can cater to budgets that are quite modest to no expense spared.

Custom design & manufacture in wood, metals & plastics

We have diverse capability for custom manufacture, we have a well equipped cabinet making workshop and a separate well equipped metalworking  / engineering workshop. We can make all sorts of custom fabrications in wood metals and plastic.

Recording studio equipment commissioning, service, repair, wiring

We can help you get your studio equipment installed and connected, we can make all kinds of custom and complex wiring for studio and help you keep your equipment running.


We can install and connect all kind of acoustic treatments and equipment, to ensure  the best performance, ergonomics and reliability, whether you bought the products from us or not.

Noise control for commercial & educational spaces

Noise in schools, offices, shops and other commercial spaces can become troublesome, impeding communication and effective work. we can design and build solutions to control and contain noise.

Acoustic testing and reporting

We can accurately measure the acoustic performance of your spaces for  frequency response, reverberation time at different frequencies, sound isolation performance and other key measures. We can detail the results in reports and advise how to change different aspects of your rooms performance using acoustic treatments or other building modifications to achieve the desired outcomes.



Listening rooms

We design and build listening rooms for the enjoyment and / or critical listening of music and other audio content for audiophiles, professions or just the casual listener who likes things to sound their best.

Performance and rehearsal spaces

We design and build spaces and acoustic treatments for music and other performing arts rehearsals and performance spaces. Acoustic treatments are designed so that performers can hear each other clearly and the audience enjoyment of the performance is maximised.


We design build and install various sound isolation measures and acoustic treatments for venues to achieve the best performer and listener experience and the least disturbance to and from the outside world.


We design build and install various sound isolation measures and acoustic treatments for restaurants to reduce reverberant noise so that patrons and staff can enjoy a more pleasant atmosphere and communicate easily. 

Home theatres

We design and build home theatres for the best possible sound, aesthetic and enjoyment experience. We can also help with equipment selection and installation. The performance of many systems, both functionally and acoustically, is often let down by poor installation, setup, placement of components and consideration of the system as a whole. We can also help to contain the sound of the home theatre for less disturbance to the rest of the household and / or neighbours. 

Editing Suites

We design and build acoustic treatments, custom furniture and sound isolation measures for video or audio editing suites to achieve the best in function, aesthetic, ergonomics and ease of use.


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