All of our products use carefully selected materials and are made in house by us, in Australia to exacting standards. There is absolutely no planned redundancy in any of our products and if they are taken care of, they should last more than a lifetime. Please contact us for custom treatments and designs.

All units are made to order. Lead time can vary from two weeks to eight weeks depending on current orders.


Diffuser: Fractal - quadratic residue

Broadband diffusion is achieved by nesting high frequency diffusers inside low mid frequency diffusers. In turn these units can be used as modules inside a very large low frequency diffuser, often seen at the rear of recording studio control rooms. Our standard size units come in two choices of woods, pine elements and sides with plywood dividers or victorian ash elements and sides with clear grade pine dividers. Dimensions H 610mm, W 610mm, D 290mm. custom sizes and configurations can be made to spec.


Pine and ply: $500

Victorian ash and clear pine: $600


Bass trap: Corner membrane absorber

True low frequency absorption to control standing waves in rooms. Our standard  modules can be tuned to centre frequencies between 30 - 100hz.  Custom units can be tuned above and below this range. Our units feature a fully sealed, solid rear cabinet, they do not need to be sealed against the wall to work properly, unlike many others. Standard dimensions of the face are: 1200mm (H) x 600mm (W). Every unit is effective one octave either side of the centre frequency. Custom size units can also be made for differing requirements. When ordering, please specify ideal center frequencies. If you are not sure what frequencies you need, please contact us.


Standard unit: fabric face: $600


Absorber: Broadband panel

Broadband absorption presented in stunning timber frames with fabric covered interior.


The wood used in our standard units are silver ash (pictured) or clear grade pine (other timbers available on request). A vast array of fabrics are available also.


Pine framed: $450

Silver ash framed: $500


Wave wall: Diffuser / absorber

A hybrid treatment combining high frequency quadratic residue diffusers, gaussian curved diffusers and slat resonators to provide a full bandwith treatment that diffuses at high and mid frequencies and absorbs at low frequencies. Our standard sized units are: 1200mm (H) x 800mm (W) x 185mm (D).


Standard size: Pine $600, Vic Ash $750


Custom studio furniture & Hardware

Racks, Mastering consoles, Tables, Desks, Shelves, work benches etc. We can make all sorts of custom furniture for studios.


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